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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over the past month we've had the great fortune of seeing some amazing little friends that we haven't seen in quite some time. In early June, a dear friend of mine Shana, came down and brought her awesome little boy, John, over for a play date. It was great to visit and see the boys play together. Though in true Audrey style, I forgot to take out the camera. But just trust me when I say they were all too cute. John is a big "little man" with these great blue eyes and a wonderful disposition. It was a pleasure to see him and visit with Shana. Maybe John's mommy has some pics she can share?

We also had a fantastic afternoon with the Toffolis and the Elmans. Six little boys between the ages of 2-4 was a sight for sore eyes. Cars, trucks, trains and planes ALL over - literally! It was loads of fun and I for one, look forward to doing it again. The cameraman (Daddy) was home this time so the camera was more readily available.

Tyler, Oliver, Eduard and Jacob made their own version of Thomas the train.
(Sorry, somehow William and Max avoided the camera.)

 We don't just have play dates with other children. Grandparents love to have play dates too! We spent Father's Day at Tio & Tia's house while the boys splashed around in the pool with Grandpa Steve & Baba. In the meantime, I stole some pink time with Milana. Then we came home and Papa, Mima, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Louis came over for a dip in our pool. While Max is willing but not entirely able, Jacob and Papa raced in the pool - a lot! Papa didn't win all the time cause Jacob is the fastest kicker any pool has ever known :) I even have proof:

Jacob is winning...

until Papa makes him work harder on the return lap :)

Last but certainly not least, just last week we had a wonderful visit from another dear friend of mine, Amanda. I've known Amanda since I was 8 years old so it was sheer joy to see our little boys play together. Again, all kinds of motorized vehicles and Cars & Cars 2 paraphernalia prevailed. Connor introduced the character Filmore to Max (so that was another Target trip I got to make;) and the boys had a blast playing together and eating pizza and rocket ship popsicles together. We had a great time and this time I was prepared when Mitch said, "Where's the camera?" :)

Amanda and I got such a kick out of this sight. I like to call this "Who sat where?"

Connor & Jacob

Connor's mommy, Amanda, is a professional bath mohawk stylist.

Look at those clean angelic faces!

Baby Face

The other day I had a realization that struck me like an arrow in my heart. I had dropped Jacob off at summer camp in the carpool line. This is a moment of acheivement, right? He's big boy now. I should be proud. He should be excited. Right?!?! Someone? Anyone? But, I wasn't. As much as I smiled and told Jacob how proud I was of what a big boy he's become, I kept feeling pangs in my heart. My first "baby" isn't a baby anymore. All the chub has left his face, hands, arms and legs. He's long and lanky and speaks as if he's heading off to his freshman year of college. He's got a mind of his own. He's my "big helper" and at times, my debate partner :) He's one of my greatest loves and as he looked at me and smiled when he got out of the car he said, "Mama, I'm going to smile so I don't cry. I'm gonna miss you today!" I guess his heart was breaking too.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perpetually Pregnant

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm pregnant. Twenty-three weeks and 3 days, but who's counting? This pregnancy, while welcomed with tremendous joy, was still a big surprise to Mitch and myself. We literally learned of it the day after accepting an offer on our old house.  My first trimester was not an easy one. In addition to being sick as a dog, I was also still working full time and taking care of a 3 year old and almost 2 year old. I was completely exhausted all the time. Actually, I'm still exhausted all the time, I've just become used to it. And as with the previous pregnancies, the family, or more like Jacob, gave the baby a nickname. Coconut is due October 1st.  Upon learning that the baby was a boy, Jacob decidedly named him Coconut Sir. So we're going to run with that... relax, just for the duration of the pregnancy.

This pregnancy has also been full of "aww" moments. Jacob loves to give Coconut big hugs and kisses and tell him he loves him. He tells him he'll share his toys with Coconut when he's born. (Won't Max be jealous! Sharing is such a double edged sword between a 2 and 3 year old). Max isn't into the pregnancy as much. He just finds it convenient to use my belly/Coconut as a pillow to lie on. Coconut loves to dance or karate kick while in utero. That makes the work days fun for me :P The OB/GYNs that I go to are a little concerned that this baby will be as big as Max, if not bigger. Max was 9 lb 8 oz. Gasp! About the same size would be great. I know its only 1/2 lb more, but 10 lbs just seems like its part of a different realm. Besides, the threat of a c-section is scary to me mostly because I'll being coming home to a 3 year old, 2 year old and new born after having surgery. Yikes! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be an easy, natural labor.

Coconut and me at 20 weeks

I've also discovered that a perk to third pregnancies is you show much faster which translates to needing more maternity clothes due to the elastic in dying in the clothes I wore in the previous pregnancies. I'm also living in a constant state of summer, literally and figuratively, and so grateful for our pool. A third boy also means a barrage of questions from other people, "will you go for number 4 for a girl?" Nope. Or "you have to have an even number of children!" Um, no I don't and don't plan on it. Three boys will be great. I'm actually really excited that its going to be another boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to lie. There was a brief 30 seconds after learning that it was a boy that I had a moment of disbelief, but it quickly dissipated into relief. We'll have 3 boys. We don't have to switch gears. We'll constantly be in the cars, planes, and dinosaurs mode which is just fine with me. We love our boys. They are wonderful, loving little people and we can't wait to see the dynamic as we watch all three of them grow together.

Monday, June 6, 2011

And The Slacker Award Goes To....

In my own defense, I must admit that life has been a bit harried lately. 2011 has proved to be a very busy year, but its all wonderful things. We sold our house, bought a new one and found out that our family is growing to include another baby - and that was just in one week's time! Throw in Papa's 60th birthday, David & Jen's wedding, Max's 2nd birthday, a trip to KY to meet Uncle Alan and TN to see Uncle Andy & Melanie, Mima's 60th birthday, unpacking and remodeling our new house...and now I need a nap after going over all that we've done. Not to mention, there was a HUGE addition to the Phillips family. Milana Hope Phillips was born on March 29th at 1:13 pm weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz and measuring 18.5" long. Her proud parents, Aida and Stanley Phillips, are incredibly excited to have her home and the rest of us are just as excited! She's a precious, beautiful child with blond hair and sky blue eyes. She's a tiny thing when compared to Jacob & Max standards but she's growing daily and has the sweetest deposition. We are all thoroughly enjoying our 'pink time' with her though I have had to throw Mitch some threatening glances when he's lapsed into my time to hold the Princess. But while I can't show you Milana's picture (her parents aren't releasing those baby blues to the general public yet) I can show you our trip to Frankfort, KY and Pigeon Forge. Enjoy... and I'll be better about posting... I promise!

Uncle Alan, Mitch and Max at the Stewart School

Max prefers to keep up with his reading while vacationing.

Never knew you could so much fun in a rocking chair

Our view from the porch and incredibly steep driveway.

Vroom Vroom

They look cute now, but moments later we were at an
Urgent Care discovering that Max had a double ear infection.

Uncle Jeff & Jacob taking the lead.

Papa & Uncle Andy aren't competitive at all, are they?

A little trick my Papa taught me!

Frick & Frack

Max's First Day of School! - January 2011

Its so hard to believe but mid January marked Max's first day of school! He started Jr. Pre Nursery School at 2 days a week. Equipped with his new monkey backpack and those precious chubby cheeks, he was ready to wow. He spent a hour with all of his classmates on the first day and had a wonderful time playing and eating his snack. And then he ate Annie's snack too. Hey, finders keepers ;) We are so proud of our little big boy! Go Mighty!

Waiting to be let into class

Max is addicted to itot flashcards on my iphone

Inspecting the art tables

Rosy came to give Max a good luck hug.

Our new tricks - December 2010

Its amazing what small children can learn to do in a short period of time. One minute they can hardly pull themselves up, the next second they are running down the hallway with the pen you swore you put back in the drawer. Our boys are no exception. Max is just full of surprises. For example, a couple weeks ago Max was kind enough to show us that he can scale the furniture as if its Pike's Peak. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. He emptied his wagon of its usual stuffed animals, climbed in, pulled up on the handle, knocked all his diapers to the floor and pulled himself atop of the dresser. He slowly stood up into an upright position and (I kid you not) raised his arms in the air as if he was recreating the famous scene from Rocky. Aside from a brief moment of pride, I had to do right by my parenting handbook and promptly remove him and tell him that horrible dreaded word that seems to give toddlers more energy - "NO!" The next day he proceeded to show me how he could climb and dance on the glass coffee table. Two days later, he was pleased to show me that he can steer a ride-on toy while standing on it. Xanax, anyone?

Another new development is Max's budding speech. His one word/babble communication is turning into phrases. All having to do with modes of transportation of course. "Big truck" and "race car" are his phrases du jour. And he can count. In Spanish! He and Rosy count blocks together and alternate numbers. Max had the even numbers: dos, cuatro, seis, ocho. Not too shabby for 20 months.

Jaocb is also a little show off. He's quick to correct you when he knows what your saying isn't factual. (I wonder where he could've picked that up?) He plays his guitar like a (3year old) pro and he loves to have Max follow him around and tell his brother to "look at me Max, we don't eat books!" Jacob also loves to bounce on the couch like its a trampoline when he thinks no one is watching and then again when he knows we are.